Types of Fishing Reel

Top Seven Types of Fishing Reels You Ought to Know

Often, fishing is termed as a suitable outdoor activity for family getaways, mainly. The activity is fun and provides a perfect opportunity for a family to bond. When out there for a fishing venture, owning the right gear is the secret to a stress-free experience, as well as, a successful catch. A fishing reel, especially, is one gear that you must consider during your preparations.

Currently, choosing the right fishing reel can be challenging because there are various types of fishing reels in the market. According to the experts, every reel is designed for a particular experience and environment. For example, there is no way you can go catching a panfish using an offshore reel or spincast reel. Without saying much, here are the top most common reels in the market, and that you should know to prevent confusion.

A spincast reel is one gear that many fishers find familiar as it’s what they used during their first time fishing as kids. The fact that it’s cheap makes it a most-commonly used reel. Also, this specific reel is less complicated meaning that it’s easy to use even for a first-timer. It’s for this reason that the model is recommended for the kids and casual anglers.

A spincast fishing reel usually has a push-button release to allow simplicity while fishing. Besides, this gear is designed to enable a decent casting accuracy. When using this reel, dealing with the stubborn tangles is a gone case. All that is needed of you is to open the reel’s bait while pulling the line, and your gear is set to go.

2. Baitcasting Fishing Reel

This particular reel is also prominent amongst the fishers, and for a good reason. First, when releasing a cast, this reel has no line-twist or tangled lines, and hence you will have less trouble using it for your fishing. As compared to the other types of fishing reels, baitcasting reels are designed in a way to allow more power over great distances. They give the user more control, as well as, accuracy in the casting which means an easy catch. However, you require the necessary skills to achieve all the benefits that come with using this reel.

This reels can handle more extensive pound test lines and thus suitable for significant game fishing activities. These types of reels are either light or heavy and can be put in two categories, namely;

a. Round Baitcasting Fishing Reel

These kinds of reels have a big spool and are suitable for handling more extensive lines. They are also ideal for those further casts.

b. Low-Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Although termed as low-profile, these kinds of reels are more popular because they are easy to handle as opposed to the other designs. Also, they are affordable and light thus suitable for various fishing games. Besides, a low-profile baitcasting reel is liked by many people as it dramatically reduces the line twists.

3. Spinning Fishing Reel

A shallow digging in the fishing stories will tell you that spinning  fishing reels are the most commonly used reels in the industry today. These specific reels are perfect for most fishers as they don’t mind if you’re fishing in a lake or the beach area. On the one hand, casting this reel is easy as all that’s required of you is to toss the metal bail which reacts by releasing the line. On the other hand, locking the line is more comfortable as you roll the metal wire down. It’s for this reason that this reel is recommended for newbies, especially those who don’t find a spincast reel ok. Spinning reels are also affordable, but that’s based on the version you decide to acquire.

4.Conventional/Trolling Fishing Reel

When shopping for a conventional reel, it’s advisable to go with one that is heavy-duty graphite or aluminum. Also, a powerful multi-disc and broad line is ok if it comes in handy. These features are essential based on the fact that you’ll be using the reel in the deep sea, for example, where the catch is more prominent and powerful.

These types of reels may also come with a double-speed feature that enables one to quickly switch from fighting a small catch to a big fish. Also, you can look for an audible clicker when shopping for this kind of reel as it assists you to hear when the line is being pulled.

5. Fly fishing Reel

If you believe in your accuracy, then it’s high time you went shopping for this specific reel as it is designed to favor your state. As compared to the various types of fishing reels in the stores today, a fly fishing reel requires a right mind, especially when tossing the line into a target area. The reels may come in various versions, and it’s upon you to note the differences. For instance, there are certain reels designed for trout fishing only. Also, there are those that are designed for salmon among many other categories of fish. Fly fishing reels are less sophisticated, durable and consistent. Therefore, if you’re looking for a one-time investment, this reel is the best option.

6. Center-Pin Fishing Reel

The history of center-pin reels dates back to the 19th century, and until to date, this reel is popular amongst the fishers. As the name suggests, these reels run on their center pin’ or the axle. The reel is designed in a manner at which the spool sits perpendicular to the fishing rod. This specific setup allows a long distance casting which is needed for the big catches.

As compared to the other types of fishing reels, center-pin reels are designed in a manner that allows the angler’s thumb to have control over the catch. Also, some center-pin reels have a pull or resistance system which is perfect if it comes in handy. The fact that this reel gives the user much control makes it a fantastic choice for massive fishing or the float fishermen.’

7.Surf Fishing Reel

Many people find it hard to differentiate a surf fishing reel from the other models in the market. You must know that these specific reels are designed for use around saltwater. As you’re aware, ocean environments aren’t good at keeping your fishing gears in good shape because the saltiness triggers rusting.

As opposed to other types of fishing reels, surf fishing reels come coated in a corrosion-resistant substance which prevents them from weakening as a result of saltwater exposure. These reels also tend to have sealed elements such as ball bearing. Such features avert salt buildup from reaching the inner components hence assuring durability. 


By now, you’re aware of the various types of fishing reels available in the market and how to use them. What you may not have realized is that each of these reels is designed to handle a specific fishing game. By reading this article, you’ll know the area at which every reel is designed to handle. Read through the article to understand the type of reel that favors your planned fishing activity.

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