Fishes of Gulf Beaches, Florida

Fishes of Gulf Beaches, Florida

Below you will find some of the possible species of fish we may catch Gulf Beaches, Florida.

Kona Dog Sportfishing Guide to Fishes of Florida

Fishes of Gulf Beaches, Florida

Mangrove Snapper Fishing is fantastic in the Gulf of Mexico waters during the summer months. For your best chance at snapper, you should book a trip during the full moon at night. The Snapper gather during the whole summer moons to spawn.

A typical trip would leave Johns Pass at sunset and head 10 to 15 miles offshore of the Tampa beaches to one of Pinellas County artificial reefs. Chum is used to enticing a feeding frenzy. The best baits are live and dead Spanish sardines. Typical size of a sapper is 2 to 5 lbs with the beast as giant as 10lbs being caught.

Barracuda is one of the more aggressive predators that are found off the Pinellas County beaches. These fish usually range from 10 to 30lbs. With larger ones as big as 50lbs being caught. To target this species we use live spanish mackerel.

The Spanish mackerel are placed on a steel wire rig and slow trolled behind the boat. When the barracuda hits you better be ready for a fight. Some fish will jump as high a fifteen feet in the air and can peel all the line off your reel in a matter of seconds! One of our favorite spots for barracuda is Treasure Island reef.

Goliath Groupers are one of the largest fish we catch on Florida’s West Coast. Most fish are in the 200lb range with giants up to 500lbs. These fish are usually found living around structures such as wrecks or large limestone ledges.

To target these fish first we will anchor over debris. Next, we will hook on a whole Bonita to one over giant fishing rods. The bait is then dropped to the bottom. Better get ready because it’s like trying to pull a Volkswagen up from the deep!

Cobia is a migratory species that visit the Tampa Bay waters in the spring and fall. Fish are generally between 25 and 50 lbs with fish as large as 90lbs being caught. Pound for pound I would say cobia are one of the strongest fish.

They gather around local reefs in large schools and can be found with just about any kind of bait. Some battles can take as long as an hour on light tackle. These fish seem never to want to give up!

Permit is one of our favorite fish to catch — the size of these fish range from 10 to 50lbs. Permit fishing is an art in itself due to there picky eating habits. Techniques for catching these fish are kept top secret and I can not disclose them on the web.

Permit is considered a trophy fish by many serious anglers in Florida.If you wish to catch a Permit please let us know well in advance as we will need to make proper arrangements. One of these can be a fish of a lifetime.

Snook have been known to cause quite a stir around Tampa bay. Due to strict state regulations, the snook population is flourishing in and around Tampa Bay. Fish range from 5 to 40lbs.

They can be caught around docks, bridges, beaches and reefs. The best time to fish for Snook is the beginning of the outgoing tide. Give us a call so we can arrange an expert guide trip for snook for you!

Warning! Amberjack fishing is only for the physically fit. After a few of these, you will be ready to retire your pole for the rest of the day. Amberjack gathers in schools around Pinellas counties reefs and wrecks. Sizes range from 20 to 100lbs. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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